Our kit and friends

When we have everything packed neatly away into our panniers we will put together our comprehensive kit list. 

In the meantime, a big thank you to the following who have helped us source some great gear for our trip.

An independent outdoors and hiking shop in the heart of Cambridge

It’s a plug, but it’s an honest one – in the days of internet shopping and the impending amazonopoly, getting genuine knowledge and advice is worth its weight in gold and we can’t recommend Open Air enough.

We had a fun afternoon with Angus who was amazingly helpful, talking us through the different sleeping bag and mats, there were so many options and he definitely knew his stuff! We’ll be sleeping in style thanks to Guy at Open Air. 

Bike navigation made simple

We are pleased to be a part of the Beeline party having spotted them in the original kickstarter campaign in 2015. The simple (and – with Joe’s design hat on – beautiful) little gadget fits on to the stem or handlebar of your bike and helps you find your way.

Connecting over bluetooth to your phone and then using it’s GPS it lets you navigate easily by splitting up your route to designated waypoints and giving you the compass direction as the bird flies to each one.

Powered by MSC

Tim had some brilliant stories to tell of his own adventures: tales of broken satellite phones in Africa and solar chargers on the top of Everest.

MSC will literally be powering our journey having provided us with solar panels and power packs. We hope to be able to donate them in turn to those in need along the way.

MSC are also behind the amazing Solar Charging Can designed to provide sustainable silent off grid power for Disaster Relief and rural communities.

A British classic

Carradice is an institution, making bicycle bags since 1932.

As gorgeous as the Original Range is, the 100% waterproof and capacious Carradry Panniers are  more touring friendly.  Margaret and the Carradice team were brilliantly generous and have kitted out Phil (Joe’s bike)!