Still a very fluid plan!

Updated: 28 October 2018

As expected, our route has evolved whilst on the road. We have had to give up on crossing Iran as visa issues for GB&NI citizens mean we would need to pay an official guide to follow us in a van… Even if the thought of someone carrying our panniers is tempting this is out of budget and not the way we would like to explore. Plan B was to keep heading East after Azerbaijan and through the ‘stans, but winter has arrived and the thought of camping in minus 20 in deep snow isn’t that appealing!

We have now cycled over 3000 miles and made it to Georgia. Our new (current) plan is to keep heading east to the Caspain Sea and fly from Baku, Azerbaijan to Dubai. We will then cycle through the UAE and down the coast of Oman before flying to South India.

England | France | Belgium | Luxembourg | Germany | Austria | Slovakia | Hungary | Serbia | Romania | Bulgaria | Turkey | Georgia | UAE | Oman | India

If you know anyone who we could pop in and visit along the route then please let us know.